a pottery studio for children.




HANDBUILDING: Approx. 1 hr 15 mins

Participants work with wet clay, clay tools, molds and underglazes to make and paint a clay project. Email for details. 

Class for 1: $ 55
Class for 2 : $ 45/person 
Groups of 3 to 9: $ 35/person

(Starting August 1st: 

Class for 1: $ 60
Class for 2 : $ 50/person 
Groups of 3 to 9: $ 40/person)

WHEELTHROWING: Approx. 1 hr 30 mins
Wheelthrowing is a skill that requires practice and repetition. Our private wheelthrowing class is designed to give you and introduction to using the potters wheel and  is primarily for the experience. Each participant will make  a piece and will be given a few choices of glazes. Glazing will be done by your instructor once the piece has been fired. Wheelthrowing is for ages 10 and up. Email to schedule a class.

Class for 1: $55
Class for 2 to 5: $45/person

(Starting August 1st: 
Class for 1: $ 60
Class for 2 to 5: $ 50/person)

 Private Workshops/Birthday Workshops

We can schedule Private Workshop for your child, playdate, family, pod or birthday celebration. The kids studio space will be reserved for you and participants will be seated apart and will not share tools and supplies. Private workshops can be scheduled for 1 to 9 participants. To schedule to your private event, please send us an Inquiry / Email with:

-Number of project makers


-A few dates and times

Handbuilding (For ages 5 and up) : Handbuilding is the method of manipulating clay using ones hands and hand held tools. Children will use slab, coil and pinch techniques to create and paint a ceramic project.

Wheelthrowing (For Ages 10 and up) :Wheelthrowing is pottery utilizing a potters wheel. During the classes, children will work on a potter's wheel and learn all the different techniques used to make a wheel thrown ceramic piece.