a pottery studio for children.




What are your hours?
-We do not have regular business hours. If you would like to stop by the studio to pick up your pottery, to register for an activity or just to check out our studio, please email or call us to set up a time.

What ages are your activities appropriate for?
-Our 3 hours camps are designed for ages 5 and up and our workshops are for usually children 4 and up. Birthday parties at our studio are conducted for ages 3 and up.  We also offer classes for children ages 3 and up.
Each child works on their own pieces. Older children tend to add more detail to their work than younger children. Each child, irrespective of age, is allowed full creative freedom with his or her work.

Do you have pre-made pieces that kids can come in and paint?
-No. At our studio, children make projects using wet clay and then paint them using underglazes.

Why does it take 3 weeks for the pieces to be done?
-Since we work with wet clay, the pieces have to dry for at least 4 days after which they are fired in our kiln 2 times. Each firing takes about 12 hours and then another 12 hours to cool down. We have a large kiln and we wait for it to be filled to capacity before running each firing.

What is your max. capacity for a birthday party?
-For 3-4 year old parties where parents stay, we can accommodate up to 12 children. For older children (5 and up) we prefer to keep the number to 16. We recommend you set up a time to stop by the studio to check out the space.

I would like to schedule a private class for my child. Do you offer that?
-Absolutely! Please refer to our PRIVATE CLASS page.

Do you have drop in hours?
-We offer several single class options on Saturday. We do require registration via phone or our online registration forms.  Here is a link to our CLASS SCHEDULE.

Where can I park?
-There is metered parking on Halsted St. We do not have allotted parking spots.

Can I stop by at any time to check out your studio?
-We do not have regular business hours so it is best to call or email us to make sure we are at the studio, and set up a time to stop by.

What is the difference between a camp and a workshop?
-Camps are usually 3 hours long and are usually on week days when schools are closed. Our Workshops are 1 to 1 1/2 hours long, theme based, and mostly on weekends.

Do children work on the wheel during camps or one time worshops?
-Unless specified that it is a Wheelthrowing Camp or Workshop, no. Wheelthrowing is a skill that takes a lot of practice. It is not easy to learn in one class. During our camps and workshops, we teach children to use handbuilding skills to make clay projects. They will use underglazes, molds, cookie cutters, stamps, and other clay tools to make their projects. Examples of pieces are on the gallery page of our website. We do offer WHEELTHROWING CLASSES for children ages 10 and up.

Are your camps and workshops drop-off's? Can I stay if I want to?
-Yes, and yes! You are free to drop off or stay if you like.

How messy will my child get?
-It depends on your child! But don't worry, it all washes off.

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